SunScreen SPF and Natural

I just had a wonderful visit with my son his wife and the grand babies! During our time together we spent a lot of time at the beach, it was fun with the kids playing in the sand and the “adults” enjoying boggy board and the surf.  Something that became clear to me is that there is a huge need for more natural sunblock.  While I understand the ritual of spraying and wiping all the sunblock I do not participate as I always just eat plenty of antioxidant rich foods to keep sun protection naturally high I also add coconut oil and castor oil to my skin on regular basis.

So today I offer these Sun tanning lotion companies as a natural solution to a historically petroleum and bankster dominated sector.

Mexitan Products  is a nice line of all natural sun screen solutions

Great looking Kid product here SPF 25 Sol Kid Kare Biodegradable Sunscreen

And if you would like to make your own check this great blog entry on how to DIY Frugally Sustainable Sunscreen Recipe  thanks Andrea….


Remember to take time to watch this game changing documentary Thrive check my blog entry on this Thrive is a must see YouTube putting our world into perspective. 



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